Tulia Marathon 2019 launched in Dar

29Apr 2019
Mtapa Wilson
The Guardian
Tulia Marathon 2019 launched in Dar

TULIA Trust, which is led by Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Tulia Ackson, has officially launched the Mbeya Tulia Marathon that will be held in Mbeya on May 4.

Some of Tulia Trust’s new ambassadors (L-R) musician Mwasiti Almas, actress Yvonne Cherry, alias Monalisa, and radio presenter Kennedy Urio, aka Kennedy The Remedy, in a group picture during the launch of this year’s Tulia Marathon in Dar es Salaam last weekend. The race will take place in Mbeya on May 4. PHOTO: FRANK MONYO

According to Tulia Trust’s newly introduced ambassadors, the race, which will start at 6am, gears towards raising funds to improve education and health infrastructures in various communities of the country.

Speaking at a press conference that was held in Dar es Salaam last weekend, prominent actress, Yvonne Cherie, nicknamed Monalisa, one of the ambassadors, said the race will include 42 kilometers and 21 kilometers for adults.

She also said that this year’s Mbeya Tulia Marathon will include five and two kilometers races for children, the elderly and the disabled with the aim of ensuring all kinds of people are participating in the spectacular race.

“As an ambassador for Tulia Trust, I encourage all citizens including education and health sectors’ stakeholders to participate in this race,” Monalisa noted.

“Any person who wishes to participate in 42 kilometers and 21 kilometers races will be required to register by paying 30,000/- respectively.”

“Athletes who will compete in races that are less than 20 kilometers are supposed to pay 20,000/-. I assure you that, all money will be allocated to improving education and health sectors,” she said.

Tulia Trust’s other ambassador, famous Bongo Flava artiste Mwasiti Almas ‘Mwasiti’ said it has been working closely with communities.

She noted through Tulia Trust community empowerment, a number of people have been supported financially.

“Tulia Trust is still working to help communities. I would like to invite all Tanzanians to cooperate with Tulia to help our communities in one way or another by registering and participating in this race,” Mwasiti said.

Radio presenter Kennedy Urio, who is as well Tulia Trust ambassador, said the Mbeya Tulia Marathon has been taking place for three consecutive years and all funds raised in the event are allocated in education and health sectors.

“Through Mbeya Tulia Marathon, Tulia Trust has managed to contribute in building hostel for Loleza Secondary School’s students in Mbeya,” he disclosed.

“The trust also offers scholarships for students both in and outside the country. There is moreover one patient who was sent to India for treatment through Tulia Trust.”

Renowned comedian Mujuni Silvery ‘Mpoki’, the trust’s ambassador, said that Tanzanians are supposed to participate in this year’s Mbeya Tulia Marathon with the aim of supporting communities by improving their essential basic human services such as education and health.