Twaha praises Mwakinyo for excelling in WBF Super Welterweight fight 

19Nov 2020
Ismail Tano
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Twaha praises Mwakinyo for excelling in WBF Super Welterweight fight 

​​​​​​​TANZANIA’s professional Super Middleweight boxing sensation, Twaha Kassim, has expressed his appreciation for compatriot Hassan Mwakinyo's virtuosity in the sport, calling the latter one of best boxers in the country.

Tanzania’s female boxing referee, Pendo Njau (R), declares the country’s boxer, Twaha Kiduku, as a winner of an international, non-title Super Middleweight bout against Thailand’s Sirimongkon Iamthuan, which took place at PTA Hall in Dar es Salaam recently. The Morogoro-based Kassim won by Technical Knockout (TKO) in the seventh round of the scheduled 10-round bout. PHOTO; CORRESPONDENT

Mwakinyo defended his World Boxing Federation (WBF) Intercontinental Super Welterweight title after beating Argentina’s Jose Carlos Paz by Technical Knockout (TKO) in a fight which took place at Next Door Arena in Dar es Salaam last weekend.

The Tanga-based boxer stopped Paz by the TKO in the fourth round of the scheduled 12-round fight.

Morogoro-based Kassim, nicknamed ‘Kiduku’, has though, warned Mwakinyo that he should not be carried away by the success he currently has.

He stated: "It was a fight that Mwakinyo fought very well, from the first to the fourth round when he won.’’

‘’I was in the hall and witnessed the fight, and I went to congratulate him on the way he fought.’’

"I wanted to give him this advice, but the environment was not friendly there, I just insisted that my younger brother and fellow boxer should continue to work hard and do better than he does now.’’

Kassim added: ‘’I believe Mwakinyo has been putting much focus on training, I would like to tell him to keep pushing so he can do better and promote Tanzania’s 'boxing' internationally.’’

‘’He should do it exactly in the manner that his predecessors and other boxers, who are still active, including me, are ding.’’

Speaking on a plan to take on Mwakinyo in future, Kassim disclosed that the plan still exists and it is only being delayed by Mwakinyo.

"I wish he would agree to fight me, but I believe there is a day when it will just happen and a fight between me and him will take place,’’ he insisted.