TWFA election now marred by irregularities

29Jun 2021
Nassir Nchimbi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
TWFA election now marred by irregularities

THE Tanzania Women's Football Association (TWFA) election has failed to take place smoothly because of irregularities in casting votes.

Tanzania Women's Football Association (TWFA) members participate in the association's election in Tanga last weekend. PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT

The TWFA held the election in Tanga on Saturday, seeking to usher in new officials who will be tasked with raising women's football standards domestically.

The TWFA members were expected to elect Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Assistant Secretary.

The election was called off, given the contestants' votes had increased, contrary to the number of voters present in the hall that voted for candidates vying for the positions.

Announcing the results, Chairman of the Electoral Commission, George Mushimba, said that Rule 23 sub-section 1 of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) Electoral Act, states that when a problem arises in an election, all votes are invalid and the positions are not represented and the election will be repeated immediately.

In the election, the position of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Assistant Secretary remained vacant after there were irregularities in the voter turnout, due to the number of votes for candidates exceeding 78.

In the election, the total number of voters was 73, but the votes of the other candidates exceeded the number of candidates in the hall.

The Chairperson's posts had Sara Chao and Amina Karuma as candidates. Amina got 53 votes and 23 no votes, and there were two spoiled votes.

That made the total number of votes cast for the two candidates reach 78, which was different from the number of voters, 73.

Sara registered 31 votes in total and 40 no votes, there were three spoiled votes, making the total number of votes cast to 74, which is more than the voters present in the hall who voted.

There was no one selected for the position of Vice-Chairperson after the number of votes had exceeded.

Roselyn Kisiwa had contested for the post, the candidate got 75 votes which was more than the voters present.

Beatrice Mgaya that as well vied for the post received 27 votes and 37 no votes, there were three spoiled votes.

Roselyn's votes exceeded, which led to the election being deemed as invalid, as it has violated Rule 23 sub-section 1 of the TFF Electoral Act, which states that when a problem arises in an election all votes are invalid.

The Secretary General post has gone to Somoe Ngi'tu, who received 48 votes and 25 votes of no, her votes happened to be valid.

Veronika William's position as Assistant Secretary has been plummeted by a margin of 33 yes votes to 43 no votes and no more than the number of voters.

The position of Member of the TFF General Assembly went to Zena Suleiman, who was the lone contestant, Zena got 45 votes and 28 no votes.

There were six candidates for the delegation positions and the required seats totaled four.

The successful candidates were the majority of candidates.

Irene Ishengoma that posted 57 votes, Mbinagwe Sungura that got 40 votes, Ema John that recorded 48 votes, and Mwanaheri Kalolo with 34 votes, were successfully elected members for the TWFA Executive Committee.

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