Two Tanzanians win medals at Wushu meet

23Jul 2016
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Two Tanzanians win medals at Wushu meet

TWO Tanzanians, Athuman Mbegeja and Ramadhan Mshana, have won medals at the just ended International Wushu competition held in Changsha city in China.

Wushu festival held in Sichuan

A news item from the Chinese Embassy in Dar es Salaam said the competition which started on July 19 in the city had different types of kung fu on display.

“On July 20, it was time for Mbegeja and Mshana to join the Taiji quan but Mbegeja also joined Shaolin quan, Mbegeja won a gold medal in Taiji quan, whereas Mshana got a certificate after finishing fourth in Taiji quan,” the report affirmed, noting that the two were in different groups.

“On July 21 Mbegeja joined in one program of Taiji sword but he didn’t make it to a good position and Mshana joined two programs, Taiji sword and Shaolin stick,” the embassy report indicated.

“They won gold medals in both programs but it wasn’t enough for them and they finally got a souvenir medal, in which Mbegeja got silver souvenir medal and Mshana got gold souvenir medal.”

The embassy said it was delighted by the team’s achievement and promised the latter will perform even better next time.
The embassy also praised Master Feng Jujinjie for training the two athletes well and the Chinese Culture Center for sponsoring the duo.