Two venues host Nasser Memorial cricketers league

22Jul 2016
Japheth Kazenga
The Guardian
Two venues host Nasser Memorial cricketers league

SANDY’s Super Strikers cricketers will be keen on grabbing their first win in the division B of the Kazim Nasser Memorial Challenge when they face Dik Diks at the Leaders Club venue on Sunday.

Dar es Salaam Regional Cricket Committee (DRCC) has organised the event involving teams that have been put into divisions A and B in a bid to maintain effective promotion of the sport in the city.

Sandy’s Super Strikers, the tournament’s debutant, experienced a rather disappointing start to the tournament when they conceded a six-wicket loss to Aga Khan SC B at the same venue on July 3.

The Leaders Club is also expected to host the Division B-1 game pitting Amateur Bongos against Caravans A on Sunday.
The day will, as well, see TCA U19 confront Aces African Fighters in the Division A-2’s 40-over formatted match at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) venue.

Sandy Super Strikers have been put into group B-2 of the competition, which also has Union Sports, one of respected domestic cricket outfits.

Participating teams in the division B have been put into four groups and play 30-over formatted matches.
Division B-1 include Gymkhana B, Aces Super Strikers, Caravans A and Amateur Bongos, Division B-3 has DCC, Caravans B, Saint Gobain B and Telegu Stars.

Division B-4 outfits include Boom Boom, Estim Eleven B and General Petroleum, this season’s DRCC Mwalimu Nyerere tournament’s finalists.

Division A outfits have been put into Division A-1 and division A-2, in which division A-1 has Gymkhana A, Morogoro, Aga Khan A and Estim Eleven A, whereas division A-2 has been made up of TCA U19, Veecom Warriors, Aces African Fighters and Saint Gobain A.

DRCC official, Sanjay Bhatia, disclosed earlier on that the top two teams in either group in the division A will progress to the last four’s stage.

Should the team batting first be dismissed under 35 overs, as disclosed in the event’s playing regulations, the team batting second may opt to add five overs to their innings with the same target.

The option can be put into action at any stage before the 30th over in the second innings, ideally at the mandatory drinks interval.

The batting team’s skipper is required to inform the match’s umpires, the opposing team’s skipper and the scorer.