Tz wins praise involving children with disabilities in Umitashumta

05Jul 2019
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Tz wins praise involving children with disabilities in Umitashumta

JAPANESE football coach, Jindo Morishita, has praised Tanzania for better organization of this year’s inter-primary schools games (Umitashumta), which took place in Mtwara last month.

The games, which are held annually, have this year included sports that involve youngsters with disabilities.

Morishita issued the praise at the final of girls’ category of goalball pitting Morogoro against Tabora.

Goalball is a team sport designed specifically for athletes with a vision impairment. Participants compete in teams of three, and try to throw a ball that has bells embedded in it into the opponents' goal.

The ball is thrown by hand and never kicked. Using ear-hand coordination, originating as a rehabilitation exercise, the sport has no able-bodied equivalent.

It is played indoors, usually on a volleyball court, games consist of 12-minute halves (formerly 10-minute halves).

Morishita said he was amazed by the participating youngsters’ fitness, noting he felt they have played the sport for many years.

The coach disclosed some of the countries pay either little or no attention to youngsters with disabilities.

He expressed gratitude to Tanzania’s government for fostering unity among the country’s people irrespective of their social, economic or political statuses.

He noted the country has good plans for developing sports, given it has insisted on establishment of sports academies, whose players are expected to form stable national sports teams.

"I've spent nine months in Zambia training some soccer teams, I then advised them to set up academies and recruit children irrespective of their statuses, something Tanzania is delving in, it is my hope the latter will have strong teams in future,” Morishita noted.

Morishita also pointed out he is ready to coach any of the country’s soccer sides, as long as the squads meet his demands.

He noted his tour has focused on improving soccer in developing countries particularly East African countries.

He insisted that soccer coaches in Tanzania should embrace friendly approach in coaching children, given the youngsters need good communication if they are to make the most of their skills.

Mbeya’s Acting Regional Education Official, Anderson Mwalongo, said the region has been seeing to it children with disabilities participate in sports. 

"Mbeya organizes sports events for all groups with a view to uniting them,” Mwalongo insisted.