UNESCO’s IFCD fund support Muda Africa to strengthen E. A dances

29May 2021
The Guardian
UNESCO’s IFCD fund support Muda Africa to strengthen E. A dances

Muda Africa, a Tanzanian non-governmental organization, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant of USD 72,989 from UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) to implement its project entitled “Strengthening the contemporary dance scene in East Africa”.

The funds will support the creation of a web portal which will profile young professional East African dance artists from Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda as well as dance markets in Africa and Europe. 

The aim is to connect our relatively unknown but very talented East African dancers to global markets and dance opportunities around the world. 

The project includes marketing and teacher-training workshops for 120 East African dance artists to help them build professional profiles for their careers and for the web portal.

The project will also have a special focus on women dance artists to address their under representation in the East African dance world. 

Choreographic capacity building will be given to 30 East African women and an online conference organized by Afrika Mashariki Dance (AMDA), a network of dance platforms in East Africa, will develop policies to promote more East African women on dance platforms in the region.

Muda Africa’s project was one of 6 projects selected by Unesco’s IFCD committee who received 1,027 applications from 102 different countries. 

It is also the first time that a project in Tanzania is awarded this grant.

About Muda Africa

Muda Africa is founded on the belief that the creative sector is essential in obtaining andsustaining social, cultural and economic progress for youth in Tanzania. Based on this belief,Muda Africa set up a dance centre for the study and practice of African contemporary dance inDar es Salaam. Every year Muda Africa selects 30 young Tanzanians to follow a 3-year trainingin dance professionalization and arts management. Since opening in 2013, forty-one dancershave graduated and 98% of them earn a living from the creative industries

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