Upanga SC thumps Pak Stars in DC Kazim Nasser 50-over tourney

23Jul 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Upanga SC thumps Pak Stars in DC Kazim Nasser 50-over tourney

UPANGA Sports Club has ended Pak Stars' hopes of making it to this season's Dar es Salaam Cricket (DC) Kazim Nasser Memorial League (KNML) Division A 50 overs' knockout stage, cruising to a seven-wicket drubbing of the latter last weekend.

Pak Stars could hardly match Upanga SC's competence amid a one-man show with the ball by the latter's performer, Suraj Pala, given the bowler commanded an impressive seven-wicket haul in the tie.

Pala almost single-handed blew the whole star-studded Pak Stars' batting unit in the last game of round-robin stage in the showdown's Group B.

After the last week's KNML Division A 50 overs' results of the Aces Cricket Club against Pak Stars clash that had the latter comprehensively defeating the former, it looked like Pak Stars were expected to have a walk in the park against Upanga SC.

Upanga SC's current form, which is not quite convincing, had given members of the domestic cricket fraternity, such a feeling.

A convincing victory was truly on the cards with the kind of batting lineup that Pak Stars have, the kind of players making the side, and the kind of games they had played in the past.

Pak Stars, in one of their previous matches, almost chased down a daunting score of 300 runs set by Aga Khan SC in the KNML Division A 50 overs' opening tie.

The displays were followed by the Pak Stars' win over Aces Cricket Club.

Every member of the domestic cricket fraternity had, therefore, expected Pak Stars were set to convincingly beat Upanga SC.

It was however not the case, as they say sometimes a team can be good but it all depends on how good is the team's temperament and management.

On the day with the toss won by Pak Stars in the match, which took place at the University of Dar es Salaam ground, it is always a bowler-friendly track.

The venue's wicket favours swinging conditions in the open ground, the same way all the previous games had happened.

A team batting second on the wicket has mostly been coming out victoriously.

Pak Stars boasted having a better and formidable batting unit and they wanted to unleash it and substantiate their virtuosity, which had them posting a win over Aces Cricket Club.

Cricket enthusiasts just expected that Pak Stars will win so they can qualify for the knockout stage.

Pak Stars however always find a way to put themselves in trouble on the most important stage of the game by electing to bat.

It was obvious Upanga SC did not have a bowler, who has a very lethal pace, but Pak Stars forgot the former had Suraj Pala, who is to a great extent, a rookie bowler who comes and bowls stump to stump.

The bowler scattered all of Pak Stars' dependable batsmen, with the team, in the end, posting 74 runs which were easily chased down by Upanga.

The game of 50 overs did not even last for three hours, as it was sad to see Pak Stars lose out on booking a place in the knockout stage and drop to Tier 2.

They are now going down to play Tier 2, where they will be competing for the plate.

Under new management, Pak Stars is expected to do some mistakes, it is still early days but eventually, they are expected to turn out to be a strong outfit.

They have a lineup made up of skilful players, namely Ivan Ismail, Mohammed Omary, Zafar Khan, Abdallah Jabir, Zamoyoni Ramadhani, and Abdulrahman Akida.

This means the squad is made up of almost half of the senior national cricket side and the others are tipped to feature for the side in the future.

It is expected Pak Stars will play well and come out best in the upcoming tournaments.

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