VP Mpango calls for better use of SHIMMUTA Games' budget

24Nov 2022
The Guardian
VP Mpango calls for better use of SHIMMUTA Games' budget

VICE President Philip Mpango has ordered institutions, parastatal and non-parastatal organizations to make sure budgets set for sports tournaments are not channeled into other uses.

VICE President Philip Mpango

He insisted that employers ought to make sure their employees are effectively participating in the tournaments every year, saying sports bring people together, promote brotherhood, and love, share experiences at workplaces as well as curb non-communicable diseases.

Mpango issued the directive at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Inter-Parastatal and Non-Parastatal Sports Federation of Tanzania (SHIMMUTA) Games at Mkwakwani Stadium last weekend.

He explained that while the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Sports is working on a strategic plan seeking to set up sports calendars for public and private organizations' sports federations, employers should organize regularly indoor and outdoor bonanzas.

He called on heads of government institutions and parastatals to ensure are providing their employees with sports kits to be used in tournaments to see to it the latter prepare for and participate in the events successfully.

He further directed the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Sports to effectively coordinate and supervise such tournaments so they can be productive.

Mpango instructed all sports federations' leaders to continue promoting the sports by making sure many workers are participating in them and cautioned the referees to abide by sports laws and regulations.

Deputy Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports Pauline Gekul said the ministry issued the directive to the National Sports Council of Tanzania (NSC) to plan an annual sports calendar to ensure that all government institutions' sports tournaments are organized consistently.

She also said the ministry is focusing on having the next SHIMMUTA Games take place on open grounds so other people can attend the events.

Pauline noted: "Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Sports through NSC will continue collaborating with all government institutions sports federations to make sure the sports tournaments are organized and hosted at workplaces."

She further added that the ministry will make sure the tournaments take place outdoors to give other people a chance to participate in the events.

A total of 52 teams consisting of over 2,000 players are participating in the 2022 SHIMMUTA Games which have 12 sports disciplines.

Researchers have found that long working hours increase stress among employees and that is why employers are urged to see to it their employees are not burnt out.

Participating in sports is one of the ways for boosting employees' wellness and productivity. 

In an ideal scenario, one often looks for a perfect workplace, a place that provides a supportive setting and encourages a healthy work-life balance.

Incorporating sports as an essential part of the office program can help in the quest of achieving that goal.

Organizations must remember that the employees are their assets therefore the wellness of an organization depends on the well-being of its employees. Employers must offer such ambiance which always brings the best out of the workforce.

Providing hygienic infrastructure, wellness privileges and uniform growth prospects should be the employers' responsibility.

To achieve the perfect work-life balance, organizations must always promote a fit lifestyle, and encouraging participation in sports activities turns out to be one of the ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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