Wheelchair tennis players set for Nairobi Open tournament 

13Jan 2022
Joseph Mchekadona
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Wheelchair tennis players set for Nairobi Open tournament 

​​​​​​​TANZANIA's National Wheelchair Tennis Association (TWA) has disclosed its plans to see to it wheelchair tennis players compete in all events scheduled for this year.

Female wheelchair tennis players put their skills to show during training at Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club (DGC) courts recently.

Riziki Salum, TWA secretary-general, said the association is confident that the national wheelchair tennis side will compete in all events next year, starting with the Nairobi Open which will be held in February.

Salum said the team to compete at the Nairobi Open will be selected at end of this month.

“We have agreed that from this year, national wheelchair tennis team should compete at all events, we will start with the Nairobi Open,'' Salum stated.

''The provisional squad for the Nairobi-bound team entered camp on January 10 at Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club, we will select players for the trip at end of this month,” he said.

He also said TWA is confident that it will send its team to Turkey in May for Portugal World Team BNP Paribas' qualification showdown.

The TWA organized a general meeting in Dar es Salaam recently. The meeting was attended by the association's top leaders that including the body's chairman, John Bura, and other wheelchair tennis stakeholders.

The general meeting also agreed that the wheelchair tennis governing body should intensify efforts to develop the game in schools and communities.

“We have planned to reach out to many schools and communities in the country, the country has many youths with disabilities that can play wheelchair tennis and take part in many local and international events,'' Salum revealed.

''The identification will also help in player transition as most of the players we have now are in advanced ages,” he said.

Tanzania wheelchair tennis team competed in the World Team BNP Paribas which was held in Italy in 2017.

The squad has also competed in many regional events and performed well.