Why Mkwasa will part ways with Stars

29Mar 2016
Mohammed Ugasa
The Guardian
Why Mkwasa will part ways with Stars

AFTER working hard to mould a formidable Taifa Stars, head coach Charles Mkwasa is on his way to turn his back to the team, not very far from now, it has been confirmed from reliable sources.


Mkwasa was appointed as coach of the team in early July last year and barely seven months later the country’s football ‘master’ has completely lost interest in the job, but not his coaching career.

A heap of reasons are supporting his otherwise very ‘shocking decision’ as he abandons the team that used to be his part of ‘personal family’.

It’s not the question of why he is not tolerant or lacks patriotism, but rather prevailing circumstances are forcing him to part ways with the team and in extension, Tanzania Football Federation.

However, he has been highly tolerant of the intolerable provocations ever since he wss named to coach the team. The frequent and endless ‘Subiri kidogo’ promises have been excessive and undesirable as water is now up to his nose, simply he cannot afford to sink where a life jacket is within reach.

Deep rooted informers say the football ‘master‘ has not signed any contract as a new coach of Taifa Stars and worse enough his remuneration package has been in form of a dream, not reality.

Surviving on the so called ‘posho’ is not the kind of life for a coach who used to earn his otherwise good bread and butter from his beloved club Yanga. It is not exactly known where will be his next stop but dumping Taifa Stars is his very top priority agenda, at least for now.

The prolonged ‘posho’ brand of life is always disrespectful yet unbearable to any worker across the globe, let alone MKwasa. The Tanzania Football Federation must feel privileged to have someone like Mkwasa who has been capable of extending unique tolerance beyond limits.

Like any other worker, Mkwasa has his lifestyles and moreover he wants to realise his personal targets to meet satisfaction, after all we are living for a short time in this world, we must enjoy the most of it! Nobody knows for sure what comes tomorrow or even the next second!

The TFF ought to know that employment is a quid pro quo sort of relationship as Mkwasa is not working for charity, though he can at will. Mkwasa himself has been highly composed and as patient as a vulture, he rarely talks of this huge pile of frustrations that haunts him, instead works hard to please his ‘employers’.

Besides missing a contract and the ‘posho sort of life he endures, other strange things still haunts him on his way to perform his duties. Interference by some federation officials has been another frustrating factor when it comes to selection of the national team players.
Like what is happening in the premiership clubs, some very respectable officials of the federation are alleged to query his selection of players. He is the coach and must use his discretionary powers to choose players according to their prevailing form, competence and fitness conditions.

Officials tend to make huge oversight when it comes to team selection, they happen to forget that coach is a profession. Some players Mkwasa selects are unwanted by federation officials not because of their football competence and prowess, but rather their quest to follow up their daily ‘poshso’ that are in most cases differed.

“Why do you pick up this player? He will give us trouble when it comes to pay his ‘perdiem allowance (posho), next time drop him”. These are ordinary remarks from the federation officials who demand good performance of the team but overlooking players’ rights.

Poor coordination is what rocked Stars to lose by 7-0 goals during a 2018 World Cup return leg playoff against Algeria in October last year. All the blames were thrown at Mkwasa but in actual fact, it is the football federation that was responsible for the worst ever football carnage that has severely tarnished Mkwasa’s coaching career.

Infact Mkwasa wants to work under organised football leadership, not this one with trial and error sort of administration. Committee does not play football and after all, when Stars played their first leg match against Algeria at home, they drew 2-2 without assistance of the ‘bogus committee’. Then why involve this committee that differed with the TFF as personal interests prevailed more than winning a match in Algeria.

Who comes to replace Mkwasa at this juncture, is the TFF that knows, but Kim Poulsen is within reach as well and prowls around TFF corridors. Should he be the possible pick, would TFF give him the ‘mshikaji posho’ and wait for the next seven months to start working on his contract papers?

This is why we are always losers in both continental and World Cup qualifiers. Poor focusing and lacklustre administrators would haunt us for decades. We believe in money as a driving force to soccer leadership.

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