World, local swimming bodies ramp up course

14Jan 2018
Joseph Mchekadona
Guardian On Sunday
World, local swimming bodies ramp up course

A three days swimming officials’ course, organized by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and the Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA), ends today in Dar es Salaam.

International Swimming Federation (FINA)

The course attracted 40 participants from all over the county, with chief instructor Olubenga Lawal from Nigeria overseeing it.

TSA secretary general Ramadhan Namkoveka said the course has been of great importance to the sport as participants learnt many new techniques and rules.

In swimming, he pointed out, techniques and rules changes now and then.

He said the country now has officials who can officiate in any swimming event in any part of the world.

The TSA official hailed FINA for selecting the country to be the first in Africa to host such a course this year.

"We really appreciate FINA for selecting Tanzania to be the first country in Africa to host this course. We also hail our instructor for being very cooperative," he said.

Lawal said he was extremely impressed with the turn up of participants saying this has shown that the country really wants to improve in the sport.

Even the response of the participants was encouraging, he said, expressing the hope that the sport will improve rapidly in the county.

"The response from participants was very welcoming. It was very impressive. We covered a lot of topics which are helpful in officiating swimming," he  added.

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