Yanga leadership defends players

14May 2022
Ismail Tano
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Yanga leadership defends players

​​​​​​​YANGA leadership has leaped into the outfit's players' defense after the side was held to draw for the third tie in a row in this season's NBC Premier League.

Haji Manara.

The leadership had received complaints from some Yanga followers and members against players for allegedly not being active on the pitch.

The club's officials have provided clarification while defending footballers that are on the receiving end of criticism.

Yanga had, on Monday, settled for a 0-0 draw with Tanzania Prisons at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam. It was the third consecutive draw for the league leader after posting similar results in fixtures against Simba SC and Ruvu Shooting.

Manara, the Yanga spokesman, said the leadership has heard complaints issued by members and fans of the club through the media and has seen the need to clarify some issues under the environment around them.

The official said no one at the club was happy with what was going on in terms of results, insisting they believe what happened were the results of a football match.

He stated: "Nobody here at the club is happy with the results, what is happening now is to make sure we plan to get rid of this situation towards our game against Dodoma Jiji FC which we will play away."

"Football is a wonderful game, and you need to have a strong heart to support it, there is no match we played better than yesterday (against Prisons), our outfit had nine shots on target, and we also got a few corner kicks,'' the official disclosed.

The official pointed out: ''Our opponents failed to even crack one shot on target, it was unfortunate for us and our players wasted a lot of opportunities.''

He stated: "There are others who are complaining why Fiston Mayele was tasked with taking a penalty kick when we have a penalty taker Djuma Shaban, Mayele is a penalty taker who had converted spot-kicks before coming to Yanga, this would have happened to Shaban.''

"This is not the time to complain, let's make it clear they have an eight-point difference with us, eight points amount to three games,'' the leader noted.

''We are still leading the league standings, let's burden ourselves with blame,'' Manara stated.

Despite notching a goalless draw in three consecutive games, Yanga leads the Premier League standings with 57 points, followed by Simba SC with 49 points.