Yanga now seeks to reinforce squad for next season

29Jul 2021
Ismail Tano
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Yanga now seeks to reinforce squad for next season

TANZANIA's Yanga has revealed it is determined to bring in good new players and improve the squad so it can post good results in the next season's Mainland Premier League and CAF Champions League.

Yanga’s Waziri Junior (L) shoots past goalie, Farouk Shikhalo, as the side took part in recent training, which took place in Dar es Salaam, to shape up for the just-ended Vodacom Premier League and Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC). PHOTO: COURTESY OF YANGA

Senzo Mazingiza, the side's leadership consultant, noted they will, within two weeks, complete the registration process.

He said they are determined to see to it Yanga becomes stronger and efficiently make its presence felt in CAF Champions League, which will kick off on September 11.

Mazingiza stated yesterday all of the side's officials had a meeting that sought to ensure they complete the registration of players and have them making their way to the camp early.

"We have a very short time and we need to complete the registration of new players quickly in our squad and, when we meet, we will know all about it," the official noted.

Mazingiza noted they will be careful when it comes to bringing in players, both local and foreign.

He disclosed Yanga will focus on roping in foreign players, given the side will feature in the continental tournament.

Mazingiza noted: "We have to complete the registration of players for the CAF Champions League before August 15, so, we have to be careful, we will, until next week, have completed a large percentage of registration."

After having taken part in this season's Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC) final against age-old rivals, Simba SC, which took place in Kigoma last weekend, Yanga returned to Dar es Salaam to focus on plans for next season.

Simba won the ASFC top honour, beating Yanga 1-0 in the tie.

"Of course we haven't won the Premier League's top honour and the ASFC this season, but we are going step by step, our players have struggled to make sure we lift the trophy but they did not, next season I believe we will win the trophies, thanks to the registration we will do," he said.

He revealed: "We have already lost our ASFC final game against Simba, the red card shown to our player affected us in some way but we have not forgotten that results for now."

The club's goalkeeper Farouk Shikhalo said: "The red card contributed to the loss, Simba was not the best."

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