Yanga official summoned by TFF

27Feb 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Yanga official summoned by TFF

AFTER Yanga's vice-chairman, Fredrick Mwakalebela, had accused Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) of being unfair to his club, his case has now been referred to the federation's special committee for hearing.

On February 19 this year, Mwakalebela spoke to reporters and in his statement he accused TFF of not treating Yanga fairly, especially in terms of ecisions on selection of stadiums.

"In Yanga we have seen that we are not being treated fairly by the football governing bodies in the sense of TFF, the Premier League Board, the 72 Hour Committee, as well as the referees' committee," Mwakalebela was quoted as saying.

Following these allegations, the League Steering and Management Committee and the Mainland Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) at its meeting on February 24, 2021, reviewed the conduct and events of the Premier League and First Division League (FDL) and made decisions including Mwakalebela's issue.

A statement issued by the board, through the information and communication department on February 25, stated: ''After reviewing the allegations (regarding Mwakalebela), the committee saw the need for the plaintiff to be given the basic right to be heard and to prove his case before the relevant committee to hear the case.''

Yanga's secretary general Haji Mfikirwa, who also announced that the club was being bullied by the football governing bodies in the country, stated they have no problem with their leader being summoned by TFF.

According to Mfikirwa the bodies' decisions led to Yanga ending up managing draw in their league fixtures against Kagera Sugar and Mbeya City FC.

Mfikirwa said Mwakalebela would heed to the call to express himself as the complaints they had made were sure and the evidence was there as football is a game that is being played openly.

"Football is played openly, it is not played in a room, the clips are there, he will respond to the call and we did not issue the comments without evidence, we were satisfied with the details and that's why he spoke it to the reporters,'' he disclosed

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