Yanga open wide gate for rebellion

08Jun 2016
Michael Mwebe
The Guardian
Yanga open wide gate for rebellion

IT has been a while now the Mainland soccer kings Young Africans are gradually opening the doors for tarnishing the priceless peace they have been enjoying for years now at the expense of general election.

Overlooking their teams’ success in continental championship, Yanga have for no apparent reason created an oversight over how best to prepare their team and romp into election wrangles.

Look at how Yanga have decided to let club election overshadow their preparation for CAF Confederation Cup matches. It is easy to believe they have decided to shoot themselves on the foot.

Why shouldn't we believe they are planning to fail after allowing what ought to be a simple bureaucratic process overshadow everything else?

Instead of engaging in serious preparation, Yanga leaders are busy arranging press conferences to convince the public that the Tanzania Football Federation, National Sports Council and the Ministry for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports are sabotaging them.

In the past one week we have heard a lot from Yanga leaders throwing barbs at TFF and NSC, unfortunately we have heard very little if nothing on their plans to strengthen their squad ahead of the CAF Confederation Cup.

With bitter exchange of words, majority of Yanga fans have been convinced that TFF and NSC are sabotaging them. It is another silly, embarrassing and disappointing episode in our football.

In reality, Yanga’s own folly is their greatest enemy. The hatred and anger the club is trying to create among its fans is likely to erode the gains made and levels attained this season.

When leaders are busy throwing accusation and stupid barbs who is going to focus on how to tackle the experienced TP Mazembe.

Who has realised Medeama City have strengthened their technical bench with a new head coach?

A big club like Yanga should not fear organising election in the guise that they are busy in continental engagement. What a poor reason! By that thinking, clubs like Zamalek and National Al Ahly would never hold elections as they are ever engaged in CAF assignments.

A club election should be a simple bureaucratic process done as prescribed in the constitution. It should not generate a war of words with the institution that a club still rely on for guidance in the same competition they are trying to say is the reason they are not prepared to conduct elections.

Why should they open a war of words with their own members, institutions and even the government over an election that should have been held over one year ago.

Where is the sense of banning and suspending club members for exercising their rights to vie for positions? Simba tried banning club members and suffered disastrous results. Can't Yanga learn the from Simba’s mistakes? Must they go through the same shit to realise that?

By suspending club members, the club is planting seeds of division that are likely to grow into factions and cause frictions in the very near future.

Suspended members have their supporters who are likely to be disillusioned by the undemocratic and dictatorship tendencies exhibited by the club in the last few days.

One may have all the financial muscles to do as pleased but without harmony and unity in the club there is little that can be achieved.

A divided house often falls down. Yanga are on the wrong track, but it is never too late to do the right thing and get back on the right track.