Yanga to start training on June 1

23May 2020
Adam Fungamwango
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Yanga to start training on June 1

VODACOM Premier League's Yanga have disclosed they will start participating in drills in Dar es Salaam on June 1 to prepare for the remainder of the domestic top flight's matches.

Yanga players take part in training in Dar es Salaam recently to prepare for the Vodacom Premier League. PHOTO; COURTESY OF YANGA

The government yesterday officially declared the league's participating sides, as well as clubs that play in this season's First Division League (FDL) and Second Division League (SDL), can start training to prepare for their respective competitions.

Sporting activities had been on an indefinite suspension in the country, as directed by the government, with a view to containing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hassan Bumbuli, Yanga's information officer, stated they have already informed all of the squad's players that are currently outside Dar es Salaam to make their way back.

Bumbuli said the squad will feature in training at the Tanzania Law School venue located at Ubungo.

"We will this week first seek to put the facility in good shape. The playing ground should be properly marked, good nets should be fixed on the goals with a view to training on June 1,'' he noted.

He said; "We had in the past been training there, we have paid for ground fee for a year.''

''All these, nevertheless, should be done carefully, we therefore will wait for our team doctor to take care of health procedures and tell us what to do in a bid to train whilst taking precautions.''

The government spokesman, Hassan Abbas, on Wednesday evening, pointed out domestic soccer players are officially free to attend team training to shape up for their respective events' games.

His statement has come shortly after President John Magufuli had, among others, officially issued permission for restart of sporting events in the country.

Scores of domestic sports fans welcomed Magufuli's pronouncement with acclamation.

Abbas disclosed much as players have been given green light to start training, the players and their respective outfits' officials should keep on taking precautions and heeding to diretives by Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children.

''We were all waiting for the President's pronouncement on granting restart of sporting activities. We are pleased the sporting activities have resumed,'' Abas disclosed.

''The President was vividly genuine on the matter, in which he said domestic leagues' organizers should start completing the rest of their respective tournaments' games from June 1ompleted precautionary measures.''

''Much as there has been significant decrease in the Covid-19 cases in the country, the disease is still in our midst, therefore, health precautionary measures will be taken by the government.''

Abbas insisted it is impossible for the domestic leagues' games to start on June 1 whereas there is no squad, which has attended full team training.