Yanga supporters should be patient with defender

01May 2021
Nassir Nchimbi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Yanga supporters should be patient with defender

SOMETIMES Yanga's defender, Bakari Nondo Mwamnyeto, who also features for senior national football squad ' Taifa Stars', is often blamed for some unnecessary mistakes he does on the pitch.

Yanga defender, Bakari Nondo Mwamnyeto. PHOTO: COURTESY OF YANGA

It is true. At some point he has costs Yanga for his sluggish defending on the pitch.

Why is Mwamnyeto being watched and monitored by the eagle's eye by many fans with strong emotions?

This is so because his bid from Coastal Union to Yanga shocked many football fans in the country and Yanga's main sponsor GSM Group was forced to present Coastal Union a two-year sponsorship deal for Mwamnyeto's signature.

And now all eyes are on him. He could be the most expensive domestic player right now in the country.

It is common to see people either seek to know or ask each other ‘what extra quality does Mwamnyeto brings to the Jangwani Street big guns?’

Yanga did what they had to do to make sure their age-old rivals, Simba, do not acquired Mwamnyeto’s signature before the former.

It is not uncommon for an expensive player to be investigated through his performance for legitimacy of his price tag.

Even the most expensive European players find themselves in a difficult time.

They are more scrutinized than players bought at low price.

Mwamnyeto is a good defender, he has a good size for today's defensive role.

He is more clinical on the field than his shortcomings. This is the most basic aspect.

He has the ability to defend and he too has the ability to play from the back.

His basic problem is playing aerial duels, which have been his main problem.

His other problem is his overconfidence. There are times when he finds himself giving away the ball to the opposing tems' attackers and unfortunately for him he is a last defender.

Lack of concentration in his outfit's 18 yards becomes easier for him to be punished by the opposing sides' attackers.

The mistake has been committed more than once since he started donning the yellow and green jerseys.

However, today I stand by his side. In Tanzania we have one basic problem. Our players are late to mature.

In recent years we have been lauding senior defenders Kelvin Yondani and Erasto Nyoni.

We forgot that it took them many years to mature in football.

It takes a lot of investment in the body and mind of a Tanzanian player to give fans what they want.

For now Mwamnyeto has shown the potential to be a good player, but the truth is that he is not a perfect defender because he is yet to grow as a defender a club may rely on.

If soccer fanatics look the likes of Sergi Wawa and Joash Onyango, they are players who have played their defensive positions for a very long time and in various international tournaments.

Nyoni and Yondani took a long time to play various challenging domestic and international matches to eventually be perceived as heroes today.

It is hard for an outfit to find a perfect player from Coastal Union.

It could have been possible for teams to find perfect players in those teams several years back but it is hard these days.

When did Coastal play in a continental tournament to be able to give us a perfect player?

This is a big problem for our country's football. Players are late to reach maturity.

It is possible that our Premier League is not very competitive, it is also possible that our tacticians will not be able to successsfully nurture young players in a short period of time.

However the story is different from European players. One should take a good look at Erling Haaland, how does he look and how has he matured early.

He may still need several years to be more mature but if one looks at him today he or she will get a picture of how he plays as an adult. For us a 20-year-old player cannot play like Haaland.

Mwamnyeto is in the process of becoming a full-fledged defender, he may not be complete at the moment but he will one day be there on top amongst Tanzanian great defenders if he works hard.

He needs to play a lot of tough international matches with Yanga and Taifa Stars.

These matches will help him mature but at the moment he is still immature.

Fans and analysts should not be too quick to complain to him whenever he makes a mistake.

Players, who are weak psychologically, are more likely to get lost if they are under too much pressure.

They find themselves no longer confident. Some find moving to mid-table teams where they later emerge as good players again and big teams start looking for their services.

Midfielder, Hassan Dilunga, is a good example. When he was at Yanga, most of the team's fans possibly did not appreciate his displays.

I do not know what did they expected from a young player of his kind.

He was thrown into a pile of prominent midfielders including Thaban Kamusoko, Haruna Niyonzima and others and people were still expecting great things from him while he was still trying to adjust himself and mature.

Mwamnyeto has nothing to lose for now, he has safe and better days ahead of him because he is a good defender and his physique is very rare among many players in this country.

He needs to play for a long time before he matures.

We have this misfortune here in the country. Today's players can hardly be compared with such a gifted former midfielder, Edibily Lunyamila.

Lunyamila grew up in school and he was called up to the senior national team after completing his Form Four examinations. Such a player like Mwamnyeto needs time.

Soccer fanatics should try looking at Simba defender Shomari Kapombe, he is now a matured player.

Every time I look at Yanga defender, Kibwana Shomari, I find myself looking at Kapombe of the last seven years.

Few years from now Shomari will be like Kapombe.

He just needs time for now. He needs to play many international matches with Yanga and Taifa Stars.

Soccer enthusiasts should learn to know the players. Many players get lost because of either distrust or verbal attacks by their team's fans.

Even midfielder, Simon Msuva, was at a young age being booed by Yanga fans.

He is today he is dependable player for Morrocco soccer giants, Wydad Casablanca, and he moreover shines for the outfit in this season's CAF Champions League.

Do the soccer supporters believe that this the same Msuva they used to scold?

I am neither sure if they remember those moments nor certain whether the fans have such records in their heads.

One can leave the matter to football fans and club members but sometimes he or she may find that even a team leader does not know how to nurture a player.

The official inadvertently enters a wave of a group of club fans to attack his player without realizing that the player in question needs a good process to become a successful player.

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