Yanga tighten grip on title retention

03May 2016
Mohammed Ugasa
The Guardian
Yanga tighten grip on title retention

A massive six-point gap at the top of the Mainland premiership standings puts holders Young Africans on pole position to wrap up the scude to for the second season running.

Yanga fans

Should that happen, it will be for the first time a team has retained the title since the new franchise of the premiership was inaugurated in 2008/9 season.

Since the inaugural edition, no team has managed to retain the title and only three teams of Yanga, Simba and Azam have been exchanging the silverware.

Azam are six-point adrift of Yanga as Simba are further seven points with each of the three tams having four matches to wind up the season.

Azam and Simba might possibly shake off Yanga’s stranglehold on title chase should the holders falter in their four matches, all of them to be played away from home.

Neither of the three teams will meet against each other in the remaining fixtures before closing the season. This makes Azam and Simba to pray for other teams to disrupt Yanga’s title retention bid.

Any attempt to chase Yanga by the two other teams must be coupled with goal scoring galore as Yanga have to their collection hefty 61 goals with an aggregate of positive 46!

Yanga coach Hans van Pluijm is now looking to win matches that would stretch the points tally to unassailable level by the two other title challengers.

Coaches Stewart Hall for Azam and Simba’s Jackson Mayanja have plenty to do before pushing Yanga off the title track, including among others winning their remaining matches by hefty number of goals.

It remains to be seen whether four of the teams lined up against Yanga will have anything to do and stumble the holders from snatching the lucrative silverware.

|the teams include Shinyanga’s Stand United, Mbeya City, Majimaji and Ndanda FC. Majimaji and Ndanda FC have the capacity and audacity to shake off Yanga but they have already been assured of premiership survival. Their matches against Yanga will only be limited to prestige and competitive approach.

However, traditionally Yanga have never been complacent to throw overboard a silverware at this stage, when title haul is the best option available with massive gap in points at their very disposal.

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