Yazidu urges minister to meet boxers

23Mar 2016
Japheth Kazenga
The Guardian
Yazidu urges minister to meet boxers

FORMER Tanzania professional boxer Omary Yazidu, has requested the Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Nape Nnauye, to meet the country’s boxers so that he can find a lasting solution to the predicament facing the sport.

He said Nnauye needs to meet the boxers, who are in a better position to disclose challenges faced by domestic professional boxing governing bodies’ officials.

“I personally request the minister to meet the boxers and he will get solution to the problems facing the sport. Professional boxing governing bodies’ officials will, obviously, not tell him the truth,” Yazidu said.

“Professional boxing in the country, for instance, is supervised by about five bodies whereas there are less than 500 domestic boxers in the ranks.”

Professional boxing bodies in the country include Tanzania Professional Boxing Commission (TPBC), Tanzania Professional Boxing Organization (TPBO), Tanzania Professional Boxing Commission (TPBC) Limited and Pugilist Syndicate of Tanzania (PST).

“In each of the Southern Africa countries including Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, there is one board of boxing control that governs the sport smoothly and each of the countries has more than 500 professional boxers,” Yazidu said.

He said a section of professional boxing stakeholders in Tanzania, in contrary, are governing the sport through their respective companies and there is plenty of secrecy behind the companies’ legality.

“Domestic professional boxers will have plenty to tell the minister. The boxers will, for instance, disclose reasons for their poor performance in international fights outside the country,” he said.

“Some of domestic professional boxers have been garnering convincing wins in international fights held in the country but the same boxers fare horribly in international fights held outside the country.”

Yazidu also congratulated Nnauye for his efforts in ensuring there is better management of sports at the domestic level.

Yazidu has of late been one of professional boxing stakeholders in the country, who are championing for the establishment of a board of boxing control, believing that the organ will bring to an end poor governance of the sport.

He recently disclosed that the presence of the board of boxing control will bring to an end payment disputes between boxers and promoters.

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