Zanzibar to host East Africa netball club championship next year

03Dec 2018
Renatha Msungu
The Guardian
Zanzibar to host East Africa netball club championship next year

THE next year's East Africa netball club championship are set to take place in Zanzibar in March.

National Netball Association (Chaneta) Secretary General, Judith Ilunda, disclosed the coming tournament will be held in the Isles as per the rotation for hosting rights.


Judith noted teams that merit participation in the championship should, for that matter, keep on preparing for the event.

The Chaneta official said domestic teams which will take part in the showpiece are the ones that took the top three spots in this year's Mainland First Division League.

The national netball governing body recently supervised the Muungano tournament that ended with JKU of Zanzibar winning the top honour in both men and women categories.   

The Isles netball giants laid their hands on the trophy in the women's category with 50-43 win over JKT Mbweni of Dar es Salaam in the final.

JKT Mbweni, therefore, had to settle for the runners-up position, whereas Morogoro's Magereza took the second runners-up spot.

Judith said much as the tournament had no sponsors the event was held as per the regulations.

She noted all of the participating outfits had prepared well for the event and the situation turned the tournament into a competetive showpiece, with JKU winning the trophy with a minimal goal difference.

The Chaneta official pointed out the situation proves netball has improved tremendously at the domestic level, with every team striving to win the top honour.

Judith disclosed there was little response when it came to participation in this year's event given some of the teams had to pull out so their players can focus on other duties.

She said this year's tournament was, for that matter, robbed of excitement which was evident in the last year's competition.