TTDA members seek Prime Minister’s intervention

11Jan 2016
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TTDA members seek Prime Minister’s intervention

THE members of the Tanzania Truck Drivers Association (TTDA) yesterday converged in Dar es Salaam to seek audience with the Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa over a host of labour-related grievances that kept them at loggerheads with their employers last year.

Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa

They resolved to officially submit the issues which include contracts and allowances for the Premier’s consideration and intervention
The association which has recently threatened to hold a nationwide strike to object little allowances as well as working without contracts, said their hope for a solution was now with the Prime Minister.
The emergency meeting followed a recommendation by a standing committee on transport services recently requiring investors to pay 32,250/- and US$ 25 motorists as allowances for domestic and outside the country travels respectively.
Speaking in the meeting, TTDA secretary general, Greyson Wimile said the association hadalready submitted a written letter to the Prime Minister expressing disappointment over the new recommendations announced by the committee chairperson, Hawa Wenga.
The secretary general explained that the letter with 763 drivers signatories is against the little allowances given by the investors and they now demand attractive contracts and packages.
“We want 70,000/- and US$ 75 for domestic and foreign trips respectively, he said “this is despite the type of cargo being transported.”
" A diver transporting dry cargo is paid US$ 15 and those transporting oil are paid US$ 25 and daily allowances … this money is too little to finance personal needs,” he noted.
Subsequently he said domestic transport allowance for dry cargo standing at 32,250/- per day while gasoil was at 53,750/- is in contrast with resolution met last October 13.
He insisted with regard to the level of the work the driver was supposed to be paid 70,000 per day for domestic trip and US$ 75 for foreign trip.
Dominic Lyaro, a driver who attended the meeting told the Guardian that drivers had been immensely contributing to the national economy and so the government should work on their concerns with some urgency.
“We are not impressed with the government speed to address this matter. We’re satisfied with the fifth phase government spirit and we want the same compliment. Yes, the former PM Mizengo Pinda formed a special committee we don’t want Majaliwa (PM) to dissolve the committee but rather work on our demands.”
The drivers have since been struggling to address the challenges including lack of attractive packages and working contracts despite heavy daily duties.

The Tanzania Truck Owners Association TATAO spokesperson, Elias Lukumay told the Guardian yesterday that the demands raised by drivers were not practical.
He said the new allowances they were demanding were not realistic since even government officials are not paid such big amounts. “We have hosted several meetings and drivers are not only from Tanzania they were from all over the East African region so why it’s only those in Tanzania demanding for more packages,” he asked noting: “the current allowance was reached after we all agreed it was better for business and for the economy.”
The officer wondered why the motorist kept on changing their demands from time to time.