Use ministry offices to solve disputes, Biteko urge miners

15Feb 2020
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Use ministry offices to solve disputes, Biteko urge miners

MINISTER for Minerals Dotto Biteko has appealed to small miners to make use of ministry’s offices for referring their complaints and other challenges they face instead of sending them to other national leaders who lack authority in the administration of the mining sector.

He was concerned that channeling the disputes to other national leaders results into delays in finding solutions thereon.

The minister was speaking on Wednesday this week at a meeting called to solve the conflict between two miners - Magere Mang’era and Joseph Ocheng, two brothers who were both claiming the right ownership of 23 square meters inside Irasamilo Gold Mine in Buhemba, Butiama District, Mara Region.

Biteko also called upon small miners in Mara Region to minimize conflicts among them saying his ministry would like to meet them to discuss issues that would expand their activities and not finding solutions to endless conflicts that in reality hinders their development and that of the nation.

Biteko also appealed to the mine’s management, leadership of the small miners at district and regional levels to ensure peace prevails among the miners and minerals production continues without creating conflicts.

Deputy Minister for Minerals Stanslaus Nyongo urged the leadership of the small miners to abide by justice when leading them to minimize conflicts.

“Mara Region is endowed with abundant mineral resources; hence you should not turn this blessing to be a source of conflicts even to the point of threatening lives,” Nyongo said, and added that it pains seeing mineral resources turning into some curse.

He called upon both sides to accept the decisions and this should not be source of another dispute, and beseeched for peace to prevail.

Permanent Secretary in the Minerals Ministry, Prof Simon Msanjila called upon the meeting’s delegates to respect the government’s ruling and should avoid making the government incur great cost in solving conflicts in the mining areas.

“We have established minerals offices in regions to minimize the number of minor problems being referred to the ministry, you should use those offices and respect ruling given by them,” Msanjila stressed.

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