The Guardian Limited (The Guardian) has firmly positioned itself as a model of excellence, proudly known as The Home of Great Newspapers in Tanzania.  IPPMEDIA continues to uphold its esteemed reputation in print, broadcasting and online media.

Established in the mid-1990s, The Guardian emerged as a pioneering force in the print-media landscape, shaking up the industry and presenting a formidable competition to longstanding publications. Its swift rise to prominence, coupled with its effective ability to vie with established rivals, garnered praise and a devoted following among readers, leading to a multitude of accolades.

The Guardian transformed the landscape of in-depth journalism by delivering a comprehensive outlook on both local and international affairs that deeply resonated with its audience. By highlighting human-interest narratives and placing a strong emphasis on journalistic ethics and integrity, the publication not only set a new benchmark in the industry but also redefined the standards for quality reporting.

Consistently throughout its history, The Guardian has showcased an unwavering dedication to progress and creativity, broadening its horizons to include digital content and provide unmatched professional journalism to its diverse readership. Through its offerings of impartial news coverage, using investigative pieces, and insightful analyses of current events, The Guardian pushes the boundaries of traditional media.

Furthermore, The Guardian retains its position as a trailblazer in the industry by pioneering innovative storytelling techniques tailored to contemporary audiences. Its constantly evolving array of digital offerings not only inform and educate but also empower readers, all while staying true to the publication's fundamental values and ethos.

Mission :
To consistently collect and deliver the most credible news content meant to improve the functionality of the society we serve.
 Vision :
To become the most admired print media company that puts a premium on employee's welfare and customer satisfaction.