Dar registers $25.12m agro-exports to France

By Mary Kadoke , The Guardian
Published at 08:49 AM May 28 2024
Nabil Hajlaoui, French Ambassador to Tanzania (Centre) making some remarks during the Second French Tanzania Business Forum dubbed: ‘Strengthening Economic Ties Between France and Tanzania.’ held in Dar es Salaam yesterday.
Photo: Mary Kadoke
Nabil Hajlaoui, French Ambassador to Tanzania (Centre) making some remarks during the Second French Tanzania Business Forum dubbed: ‘Strengthening Economic Ties Between France and Tanzania.’ held in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

AGRO sector exports from Tanzania to France reached an average of $25.122m annually for the past five years, a senior official has stated

Exaud Kigahe, the Industry and Trade deputy minister, made this observation in Dar es Salaam yesterday at the second French Tanzania business forum, focused on strengthening existing economic ties.

Trade policy at the moment is geared to creating a conducive environment for business and investment in Tanzania, where current initiatives pave the way for increased trade and investment for mutual benefits, he said.

The data shows that trade flows have been in favour of France during the half decade (2019-2023), with Tanzanian exports to France standing at an average of $ 25.1m per year, while imports averaged at $75.4m per year, he stated.

On our part, major exports to France include coal, tobacco, cotton, locust beans, sea products (frozen fish, fish fillets, shrimps, prawns, octopus), dried leguminous vegetables, coffee, plus fresh or dried vegetables, he elaborated.

Major imports from France include grape wine, petroleum products, dishwashing machines, electrical machines, medicaments, prefabricated building parts, helicopter spare parts, sugar, aircraft engine, and animal feed processing machinery, he stated.

The forum is directed at uplifting President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s assurance as to Tanzania’s efforts in addressing challenges facing investors, opening up new avenues that will make current and prosperous investors reap their rewards, he asserted.

He urged French companies to participate in the 48th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair, describing it as the largest trade show in East Africa, attracting more than 500 foreign companies annually to showcase advanced technologies.

He cited machinery for processing leather and leather products as sought after devices, underlining that the forum is tailor-made for diverse engagements of an interactive nature with Tanzania ministers, in particular.

“I am confident that participants will have fruitful and in-depth exchanges on issues that are crucial for intense economic engagement,” he affirmed.

Nabil Hajlaoui, the French ambassador, emphasized the long-standing friendship between France and Tanzania, noting that the forum exemplifies commitment to deepen bilateral relations.

“Through collaborative efforts, we can drive sustainable development and create lasting economic benefits for both countries,” he asserted, applauding President Samia’s visit to France at the clean cooking solutions summit. 

The event was a declaration on a specific partnership with Tanzania particularly on agriculture and sustainable energy, he stated.

Philippe Labonne, the Africa committee chairman for the Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF) said collaboration between French and Tanzanian businesses is vital for addressing global challenges such as energy transition and urbanization.

By working together, the two countries can develop sustainable solutions enhancing the quality of life and economic resilience in both countries, he asserted.

At the clean cooking solutions summit, President Samia appealed for a substantial replenishment of the African Development Fund to ensure adequate resources for clean cooking transition in Africa's low-income countries.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) committed $2bn in soft loans across a ten year period to support the transition, a high moment at the summit.

The envoy said the second French Tanzania business forum promises to be a landmark event driving forward the economic agenda of both nations. It represents a unique opportunity for businesses to engage in meaningful dialogue and explore new avenues, he added.