Initiatives to boost number of nuclear experts, unveiled

By Valentine Oforo , The Guardian
Published at 10:13 AM May 28 2024
 Prof Adolf Mkenda, Minister for Education, Science and Technology
Photo: Guardian Correspondent
Prof Adolf Mkenda, Minister for Education, Science and Technology

THE government has unveiled strategies to increase the number of nuclear experts in the country.

The strategies include launching the guidelines for the rolling out scholarships for students to undertake nuclear science technology studies abroad. 

 Prof Adolf Mkenda, Minister for Education, Science and Technology said this yesterday here when officiating this year’s national education, skills, and innovation week.

 The launched initiative is part of the Samia Scholarship Programme that is geared towards supporting undergraduate students who achieved high scores in their advanced level national examinations.

Prof. Mkenda said apart from motivating students to undertake science and technology studies, launching of the potential scholarship focuses to plug the existing deficit the government is set to increase the number of nuclear technology experts in the country. 

“Nuclear technology stands among sensitive sector to propel socio-economic sector in Tanzania, thus this initiative is for ensuring the country produces enough and skilled experts for the smooth metamorphosis of the sector,” he said.

Prof Mkenda said that the guidelines are in line with promoting science education, innovation and creativity and are also meant to provide a room for the beneficiaries to get loans towards post graduate diploma in legal practice, diploma in vocational studies, as well as the relevant courses at the high levels of Masters and PhD degrees.

Others are scholarships for first degree in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health sciences.

"The government is very committed to improve science education, innovation skills and creativity as part to attain the much-needed industrial drive, but also to assist students to venture into key self- employed economic projects in order to cheat the increasing wave of unemployment rate," he observed.

Basing on that focus, he said the government has, and will continue to implement a range of useful strategies, including providing needed loans to cater for college fees for the relevant students.

"For instance, the government is currently working to facilitate construction of a record number of vocational colleges across the country in order to expand enrolment of the students in question," he unveiled.

He added, the other ongoing initiatives to help promote the sector include development and implementation of National Digital Education Strategy, National Strategy for Financing Technology, Science and Innovation, among others.

He added, to fuel the aspiration, the minister stated that the government, through the parent ministry, is working to install a total of 15 campuses to offer competence based programmes in various specialised vocational degrees.

Patrobas Katambi, Deputy Minister, Prime Minister's Office (Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with Disability) said the government was working to promote innovation and creativity from grass root level in the country. 

He stated that the government has been working on a vital programme and policy to create viable podiums to promote innovation and creativity, the move he observed will also stimulate industrial growth. 

Tanga Regional Commissioner Dr Batilda Buriani unveiled that there are a total of 8, 083 primary schools in the region, as well as 300 secondary schools, 20 vocational colleges and other research institutes. 

She said that the region holds a reputable background in the country's education sector, saying the first medical college in Tanzania, the first library and national school were installed in Tanga.

“We're very delighted as the government has given us a prestigious opportunity to host the annual staged key week event for at least three consecutive years, observing that the development will help to unlock and promote varied prestigious economic opportunities,” the RC observed.