Invest in recognised institutions only,Tabora residents informed

By Guardian Correspondent , The Guardian
Published at 06:38 AM Jun 21 2024
Tabora Regional Administrative Secretary Dr John Mboya
Photo: Guardian Correspondent
Tabora Regional Administrative Secretary Dr John Mboya

TABORA Regional Administrative Secretary Dr John Mboya has asked civil servants and residents of the region to take advantage of investment opportunities in capital markets and other recognised institutions to carry out legal investment activities.

Dr Mboya made the call here on Wednesday when he met members of a team of experts from the Ministry of Finance who are in the region to provide financial literacy education to people of various groups, including civil servants and traders. 

“Let's wake up, make good use of the financial literacy we received, especially in the investment area so that we can make the right decisions in investing,” he said.

He lauded the Ministry of Finance for continuing to provide financial education in various regions and encouraging citizens to use official financial institutions recognized by the government.

Cledus Mbawala, Uyui District Community Development Officer, said that his office has been monitoring and ensuring that all institutions involved in financial matters have a license from the central bank and follow rules and procedures in carrying out their activities.

Limi Bulugu, Financial Management Officer, Financial Sector Development Department in the Ministry of Finance, said that they have been providing financial literacy education to people from various groups in Uyui, Urambo Sikonge districts as well as Tabora Municipality.

“I commend the people of Tabora for continuing to show up in large numbers to get financial literacy education which helps them plan proper use of the money they get,” said Bulugu.

The Ministry of Finance provides education about micro financial services in Tabora, Simiyu and Shinyanga regions.