Kilombero Sugar Unveils Growers' Elevated Campaign for K4 Expansion Project

By Guardian Reporter , The Guardian
Published at 03:32 PM Jun 21 2024
Photo: File
Kilombero Sugar Unveils Growers' Elevated Campaign for K4 Expansion Project.

Kilombero Sugar Company is proud to announce the launch of the "Growers' Elevated" campaign as part of its ambitious K4 Expansion Project.

With the slogan "Reliable market, sustainable income, and improved livelihoods," this campaign aims to foster development among cane farmers through strategic communication and collaboration with stakeholders.

The campaign was officially launched during a well-attended function at the Kilombero Sugar Estate, drawing participation from regulators, local government officials, and cane farmers, all essential players in the sugarcane farming value chain.

Following last season's challenges due to El Niño-induced heavy rains, Kilombero Sugar has taken proactive steps to reassure cane farmers. The company is nearing 90% completion of the K4 Expansion Project, the largest investment ever made by Illovo in Africa. This monumental project underscores the company's confidence in the local grower community, which will supply 60% of the sugarcane required for the expanded operations.Speaking at the event, Mr. Pierre Redinger, Director for Grower Agriculture at Kilombero Sugar, emphasized the community's pivotal role in this venture. "Our investment in the K4 Expansion Project is rooted in the trust we have in our growers," Mr. Redinger stated. "This journey began in 2018 with the registration of intent by growers, supported by the Kilombero District Office, paving the way for this significant business case."

Mr. Redinger also announced that Kilombero Sugar is committed to providing up to 20,000 tons of seed cane on a loan basis to growers for the 2024/25 and 2025/26 plantation seasons, further supporting the expansion.

Mr. George Gowelle, representing the Director General of the Sugar Board of Tanzania, expressed the government's strong support for the initiative. "We are very happy and supportive of initiatives that address sugar self-sufficiency," said Mr. Gowelle. "Kilombero Sugar has set a commendable example, and the government will continue to back such efforts."

Mr. Bakari Iddi Mkangama, Chairman of the Kilombero Joint Enterprises Cooperatives Society, which represents 17 AMCOS working directly with Kilombero Sugar, hailed the campaign as a transformative opportunity. "This initiative is a game-changer for our reliable market, sustainable income, and improved livelihoods," Mr. Mkangama remarked. "We must seize this golden opportunity."

The Guest of Honor, Kilombero District Commissioner Mr. Dunstan Kyobya, praised Kilombero Sugar's efforts. "This K4 Expansion initiative and the Growers' Elevated campaign are vital for sustainable income and improved livelihoods for cane farmers in Kilombero Valley," Mr. Kyobya affirmed. "The government is committed to creating a favorable environment for business investment and community prosperity."

Kilombero Sugar, through the Growers' Elevated campaign, reaffirms its dedication to investing in people, training, and technology, setting a new benchmark for agriculture in Tanzania.