MP wants new revenue sources to lighten burden on tax payers

By Paul Mabeja , The Guardian
Published at 06:08 AM Jun 21 2024
Geita  Rural MP Joseph Musukuma
Photo: Courtesy of National Assembly
Geita Rural MP Joseph Musukuma

GEITA Rural MP Joseph Musukuma has advised the government to stop what he termed as “copying and pasting” during preparation of the national budget and instead find new revenue sources to lighten burden on the few taxpayers.

According to him, the government has a tendency of adding more taxes to various services every year, something which continues to be a burden few people.

He made the call yesterday in the National Assembly when contributing to the debate on the state of the nation’s economy and national development plan as well as national budget estimates for the financial year 2024/25.

Musukuma challenged Minister for Finance Dr Mwigulu Nchemba and Minister of State in the President's Office (Planning and Investment) Prof Kitila Mkumbo to be innovative by looking for new sources of revenue.

“Government leaders are paid to support development and welfare of the people and not initiate multiple taxes that hurt businesses,” he said.

The lawmaker also wanted the two ministers to invest time to listen and address challenges facing traders, arguing that by doing so, they will leave a big legacy in the country.

He said traders face a lot of challenges which if the government is committed, can be addressed by conducting regular meetings.

“Kariakoo Market alone is a very big source of revenue but the government closes its eyes to the traders’ challenges. Let us be serious, learn where we go wrong and fix it. I am sure that through dialogue, things will go well,” he said.

He said that traders at Kariakoo Market have been facing “brutal” treatment from revenue collection authorities, a situation which may scare others from establishing businesses there.

Muleba North MP Charles Mwijage urged the government to put efforts in creating conducive investment environment to attract more businesses and hence expand tax base.