NEEC clarifies on scope of support for special groups

By Guardian Correspondent , The Guardian
Published at 01:48 PM Jun 19 2024
NEEC Executive Secretary Beng'i Issa.
Photo: File
NEEC Executive Secretary Beng'i Issa.

THE National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) has clarified that it offers tools and skills to women, youth and special need groups in the ‘Strengthening the Economy with Mama Samia’ programme and not funds.

NEEC Executive Secretary Beng'i Issa said this here at the weekend when addressing target groups, saying the programme was not meant to provide funds, but empower businesspersons involved in economic activities.

"The programme explains itself well that it strengthens existing businesses to be more productive. Empowerment is for businesses established and not just providing funds for non-existent projects,” she said.

Citing examples, she said the programme would strengthen businesspersons, including women and the youth involved in farming, fishing and livestock keeping. She explained that empowerment was associated with existing priority areas, while providing work tools such as machines as well as skills.

Issa said the issue of capital would be taken into account, but the priority of the programme was to provide work tools to strengthen businesses and entrepreneurial activities.

“Most of these groups are engaged in farming and livestock keeping or modern animal husbandry and NEEC wants these activities prioritised,” she said.

She added that other businesspersons and women in the region were engaged in processing agricultural and animal products, and NEEC through its district and regional offices would provide education on how better to use technological tools so that the target groups could also participate in public procurement tenders to utilise existing opportunities.

Sophia Mjema, Advisor to the President on Women's Issues, Children and Special Groups, said the government has invested in ensuring economic activities are fully facilitated and she asked women, youth and special groups to register so that they can be recognised and their businesses empowered.

Mufindi District Social Development Officer Pascazia Lutu said they would use education they received to foster economic growth.