PM: Govt to work on new retirement benefits formula

By Guardian Reporter , The Guardian
Published at 09:43 AM Apr 17 2024
 Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa stated in the National Assembly in Dodoma yesterday
Photo: Courtsey Of Parliament
Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa stated in the National Assembly in Dodoma yesterday

THE government has pledged to work on the comments raised by Members of Parliament, workers’ unions, and employers concerning the new formula for computing retirement benefits.

 Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa stated in the National Assembly in Dodoma yesterday after the discussion on the budget estimates for the Prime Minister’s office for the 2024/25 financial year where 129 issues were raised.

 Majaliwa said the government recognizes the importance of improving the pensions for retired workers, adding that it will continue with the evaluation with consideration of the law.

 The premier added that the government will continue providing social security awareness for employees through various means where the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with Disabilities (PMO-LYED) will supervise and widen the scope of awareness creation for public servants and ensure enough understanding on the matter.

 Majaliwa also said the government continued to improve the environment for teachers and provided new employment opportunities.
 The government employed 10,505 teachers in 2023/24 FY and in the next fiscal year, it will employ 10,590 teachers.

He also stated that the government is open to receiving any recommendations and will implement them.

 Majaliwa stated that the Universal Health Insurance Act of 2023 has initiated a fund to cover the health insurance costs for poor people and identified the revenue sources for the fund, adding that the government will continue to accept recommendations on how to operate the fund, revenue streams and implement the required improvements.

 On human-wildlife conflict (HWC), Majaliwa said the government understands the effects caused by wild animals invading homes and farms and harming people living near conservation areas.

 He said the government has continued to take various measures including awareness creation to combat destructive animals and security stations for wildlife officers.  

 “There is also a challenge of some people invading conservation areas hence causing conflicts with conservation rangers which has contributed to death and injuries,” he said.

 He also reminded the supervisors of the conservation areas to adhere to the procedures to address the challenge of conservation area invasion, where he urged the public to respect the borders and trespass into the areas, grazing livestock, conduct agricultural activities within the conservation area, and illegal hunting,” he said

 The National Assembly approved 532.79bn/- to be used in the budget of the office of the Prime Minister as well as the office of the parliament for the financial year 2024/25, whereas 350.988bn/- for the office of the Prime Minister and its institutions and 181.8bn/- for the parliament.

 In the 350.988bn/- of the office of the Prime Minister, 146.393bn/- will be used for normal expenditures and 204.594bn/- for development matters whereby between 181.8bn/- for the parliament fund, 172.1bn/- is for normal spending.