Police seize car loaded with 25 bags of cannabis in Shinyanga

By Marco Maduhu , The Guardian
Published at 09:26 AM May 28 2024
Shinyanga Regional Police Commander Janeth Magomi
Photo: Guardian Correspondent
Shinyanga Regional Police Commander Janeth Magomi

POLICE Force in Shinyanga Region has seized a vehicle with registration number T575 CAF loaded with 25 bags of cannabis and the driver escaped from police custody.

Shinyanga Regional Police Commander Janeth Magomi said this yesterday when addressing journalists emphasizing that the force continues to search for the driver as well its owner in order to answer the charges of transporting the drugs.

She said that through a special operation conducted from April 17 to May 27 this year, the force also seized expired human medicines that were being sold in a pharmacy in Shinyanga Municipality.

Regarding the vehicle with drugs, RPC Magomi said they arrested the driver that hit a bull in Bugweto area in the municipality and when the police arrived at the scene for further inspection, they found 25 bags of cannabis in the vehicle with the driver fleeing from police custody.

RPC Magomi mentioned other seized products including one television, one measurement scale, one radio, 16 motorcycles and 20 liters of illegal alcohol.

The traffic division police issued citations on 6,320 offenses on the motorcycle, 4,847 on vehicles, and 1,473 motorbikes where the perpetrators were held accountable and paid instant fines.

RPC Magomi appealed to the residents in the region to continue to cooperate with the police force by providing information on criminal activities to ensure that other citizens live in safe communities.