Practice health checkups, engage in health sector business opportunities, Tanzanians told

By Carlos Banda , The Guardian
Published at 02:22 PM May 14 2024
Photo: Courtesy of Aga Khan
Practice health checkups

TANZANIANS have been called on to utilize new business opportunities presented in the health sector to help them develop and adapt a culture of doing frequent health checkups to improve their wellbeing and individual incomes.

Suzan Fredrick, Country Representative at PhytoScience said over the weekend in Dar es Salaam at the meeting of business partners and stakeholders to discuss on the impact of stemcell products on improvement of health and how the pharmaceutical business can improve the income of individuals who want to join the business.

Phyto Science is a global health & wellness company based in Malaysia founded in 2012 which innovates products to help people take control of their health, both physical and financial well-being.

“Human beings face a lot of health challenges and most of these errors stem from cell malfunction. Many people are unaware of their underlying health conditions because they undergo health checkups from time to time. Stem cells are very important because they deal with cells inside the whole body. They can be used from three to six months and sometimes even for a lifetime. They have no side effects,” she said.

Fredrick added: “We create and supply stem cell products that are designed to repair and help body cells to work properly in the human body. This technology is designed specifically to help worn out cells to be restored to full functionality.”

She said that the presence of Phytoscience in Tanzania has presented an opportunity to generate more income for the people through the business.

“We have more than 13000 business people who have engaged with this business through the purchase of our products and selling them to the end users thus allowing them to gain profits from the business. Every individual who comes to buy the products from us because our company has a system that allows every buyer to profit from the purchase,” she said.

Concerning the possibility of having an offshore factory here in Tanzania, Fredrick said that there are no present plans to do so but they are open to any stakeholders who wishes to venture with them.

“Having an overseas facility here in Tanzania will automatically make our products become easily accessible and cheaper. In Nairobi, Kenya, there is an ongoing process to establish a PhytoScience factory to produce the stem cell products.

On her part, Pwams Elathani, the co-founder of PhytoScience company said the goal of the business is to ensure we transform people’s lives financially and health wise. Tanzania’s population is quite bigger here compared to Uganda and the people here are and the development here is amazing and I am positive Tanzania is growing fast.

Commenting the plans on the possibility to establish a branch industry in Tanzania, Elathani said that plans will be rolled out depending on the demand in the Tanzanian market. There are a lot of golden opportunities in Tanzania and it is the perfect time for people to know more about entrepreneurship in our PhytoScience industry.

Betty Haula, one of the attendees and beneficiaries of the stem cell products said she lived with sickle cell for 52 years where she had been subjected to frequent blood transfusions for her survival, however, after she started using the stem cell medication in 2022, her health improved drastically.