President Samia to present excellence awards to ministries, regional officials

By Guardian Reporter , The Guardian
Published at 11:01 AM May 14 2024
PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan.
Photo: File
PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan.

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan is set to present special excellence awards to government ministries and regional officials who will perform better in improving the business environment and promoting investment inflows.

Godwil Wanga, National Business Council (TNBC) chief executive officer revealed the plan here at the week end when speaking at a meeting that brought together stakeholders from the public sector and the private sector that aimed to discuss challenges faced by businessmen.

He said the awards will be given out on May 29 this year at the national dialogue meeting between the public sector and the private sector which will be held in Dar es Salaam and led by the president herself.

Wanga said that various criteria have been considered to get the winners of the awards which are called the 'President's Awards' which she said has been specifically prepared with the aim of motivating performance.

He said that the first criterion that will be considered to find the winners is leadership in addressing businessmen's problems, strengthening the business environment and sustainable economy and promoting the relationship between the public sector and the private sector through discussion.

The second criterion, he said, is to reduce the costs of establishing or revitalizing the business in accordance with the existing procedures in the relevant business.

Another criterion he said is to reduce the costs of meeting the requirements of laws and business regulations as well as the time lost during the monitoring and operation of those activities.

Another criterion he said is the policy and strategic position regarding improving the business environment to promote investment and the economy through the development of the private sector.

"But there must also be policies, strategies and training to develop businessmen and workers in the private sector, the existence of institutional efficiency and legal procedures for conflict resolution," said Wanga.

He said there must be ease of getting land for investment and safe places to do business as well as reducing informal business costs including corruption and unnecessary deductions.

The last criterion is transparency and the provision of information on improvements in the business and economic environment in the relevant area and in the country as a whole.

Industry and Trade Minister Dr Ashatu Kijaji said president Samia has been leading the promotion of business growth and investment in the country by ensuring there is a good relationship between the private sector and the public sector.

She said that in every visit that the president has been traveling abroad, he has been involving businessmen by accompanying them so that they can learn more about the operation of international businesses.

She said the government intends to establish industrial areas in every district in the country to facilitate the processing of crops produced by farmers.

“These factories will be processing the crops produced in the respective area with the aim of increasing their value and ensuring that these factories do not lack raw materials,” said Dr Kijaji.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Dr Hashil Abdallah said that the ministry has been collaborating with various institutions to conduct operations to arrest fake products imported into the country to protect local industries and the health of the people.

He said that his office recently conducted inspections in various regions of the country and arrested some businessmen selling fake phones and therefore took legal measures including confiscating the products and arresting the perpetrators.

He instructed the institutions responsible for product quality management in the country to continue to take action against those who violate it in order to promote local industries and protect the safety of citizens.