Samia calls for joint effort in clean cooking initiative

By Mary Kadoke , The Guardian
Published at 06:31 PM Jun 04 2024
President Samia Suluhu Hassan

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan shone a spotlight on the pivotal role of collaboration in fortifying partnerships within the clean cooking agenda. Her poignant emphasis highlights the imperative of collective efforts to propel sustainable solutions for cleaner cooking practices.

President Samia emphasized these points on June 4, 2024, during the inaugural two-day discussions known as the Korea-Africa Summit. The summit, launched yesterday, aims to concentrate on trade, technology, and investment.

Touching on Tanzania's commitment to clean energy, she noted ongoing initiatives and underscored the importance of partnerships to drive the clean cooking agenda forward as part of the gas energy transition.

"As the sole female executive President in this room, it is imperative that I address a critical agenda for Africa and African women: investing in clean cooking," she declared. She emphasized that heightened investments in clean cooking solutions not only decrease emissions and combat deforestation but also reduce respiratory-related deaths and empower women.

According to her, investing in clean cooking agenda in Africa also presents economic opportunities in terms of development of clean cooking solutions on the continent

“When we talk of the true just energy investment, this is one of them.Myself and President Adesina of African development Bank, are working to fundraise for this agenda and so in this regard, I ask the Government Republic of Korea, to join us in this noble cause,” she added.

South Korean officials say expanding ties in the area of minerals and resources would help improve the country’s supply chain resilience in key industries such as batteries.

"In order to boost cooperation with Africa, South Korea will expand ODA (Official Development Assistance program) to around 10 billion dollars until 2030. Also in order to encourage South Korean trade and investment in the region, South Korea will provide 14 billion dollars in export financing."

Trade with African nations currently accounts for less than 2% of South Korea’s total imports and exports.
South Korea’s outreach to the continent comes at a time when neighbour North Korea seeks to break out of diplomatic isolation.

Representatives from 48 African nations are attending the first-ever Korea-Africa summit.