Uganda’s military college on cyber- security learning move in Tanzania

By Guardian Reporter , The Guardian
Published at 07:55 AM Apr 02 2024
Major General George Igumba
Major General George Igumba

UGANDA’s Senior Command and Staff College (SCSC) carried out a study visit to the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) on a cybersecurity learning mission in Tanzania.

Led by its Commandant, Major General George Igumba, the visit is a significant step toward enhancing cybersecurity knowledge and information and communication technology (ICT) capabilities within the East African region’s defense forces. 

The delegation, comprising senior training officers and students from the SCSC, included high-ranking officials and trainers from several countries, notably Brigadier General Bhupendra Singh Fogat, the head of India's military training institution. 

The group, representing Kenya, Rwanda, India, Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi, South Africa, and Malawi, embarked on this educational journey under the guidance of Major General Igumba and Brigadier General Fogat. This initiative was made possible through the invitation of the Tanzania People's Defence Force (TPDF), with Colonel Robert John Mbuba playing a pivotal role in hosting the distinguished visitors.

Upon their arrival at TCRA headquarters in Dar es salaam, 

The military delegation was received by Dr. Jabiri Bakari, TCRA director-general.

The visit featured insightful presentations and a tour of the communication museum, providing the visitors with a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity matters and the regulatory body's roles and responsibilities. 

Major General George Igumba expressed his gratitude to TCRA and Dr. Bakari for the opportunity to deepen their understanding of vital communication regulation issues. 

"We are very thankful to TCRA for providing us with this learning opportunity, and we believe our students have gained important insights from the presentations made," he remarked, commenting on the importance of such educational exchanges in building the capacity of military personnel in an era of rapid technological advancement, particularly in information and communication technology.

The officers also witnessed the evolution of communication technology through the communication museum managed by TCRA. 

Rolf Kibaja, TCRA head of Communication and Public Relations Unit underscored the museum's significance as an exceptional educational resource maintained by the authority. 

Beyond the visit of the military officers, Kibaja seized the moment to extend an invitation to a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including students, encouraging them to explore the communication museum. 

“Admission to the museum is free of charge, we are committed to facilitating widespread learning and appreciation of communication technologies, so all stakeholders especially students are warmly welcomed to our communication museum for learning purposes,” he stressed.

The study tour, hosted by TPDF led by Colonel Mbuba, is a collaborative military mission aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and enhancing the technological capabilities of military forces in the region. This initiative is designed to strengthen cooperation among participating nations and facilitate the sharing of advancements and best practices in the military realm.