WMA slaps Dar traders with fine for violating law on measurement

By Joseph Mwendapole , The Guardian
Published at 06:00 AM Jun 13 2024
Judgement Hammer
Photo: File
Judgement Hammer

THE Weights and Measures Agency (WMA) has conducted an impromptu inspection at various markets in Dar es Salaam Region which caught some produce traders violating the law.

Speaking to this paper in Dar es Salaam yesterday, WMA Kinondoni Regional Manager Lilian Mwombeki said the operation found four traders violating the law by packing produce in bags weighing more than 100 kilogrammes.

“We handed them fines of between 500,000/- and 1m/- each,” she said. 

The surprise inspections were carried out at Mabibo market where the four were found with produce packed in sacks popularly known in Kiswahili as lumbesa.

"But most of the traders in this market comply with the law by packing their produce and products in a weight not exceeding 100 kilogrammes,” she said. 

WMA Ilala Regional Manager Mhono Nashon said the agency carried out the operation as a continuation of the fight against arbitrary packaging of produce.

He said the measurement law and its regulations require farmers or traders to pack produce in a weight not exceeding 100 kilogrammes for one bag.

He said in the inspection, WMA visited Mabibo, Ilala and Temeke Stereo markets and found a positive response by traders whereby potatoes, onions, carrots and a wide range of vegetables were packed in accordance with the measurement law, namely a weight not exceeding 100 kilogrammes.

In addition, he said WMA continues to reach traders in their areas and provide them with education about the correct use of measurements to protect consumers from cheating as a result of incorrect use of measurements.

He said WMA in Ilala region has prepared a procedure to reach stakeholders and traders in markets to provide them with education on the correct use of measurements.

"In order to ensure the correct use of measurements in various business places, we must provide education on the correct use of measurements and what the law and regulations say. We will have 14 days to provide education to traders," he said.